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I strongly encourage the Pittsburgh people to submit their blogs to pghbloggers.org. :)

Ick, I feel like a shill.


Thanks for the shout-out. I feel honored to make the seemongly more selective non-Pittsburg list. Which raises a question. When are area codes going to be no longer relevant? My brother-in-law just moved near me from California and is keeping his cell number from there. We also have 2 separate area codes overlaid in my area and 5 total area codes near me.


Aw, shucks. Now I feel like I should put up more content or something. Also, the moniker "frequent commenter" makes me feel like a stalker. (but then, maybe I am...so if the shoe fits...)
I haven't submitted my spot to pghbloggers because I don't feel legitimate yet. As if there's a certain number of posts one must have up to have a "real" blog.


Sarah -- I should have said "semi-frequent and greatly valued."

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